Tuesday, 10 September 2013

As a programmer I know its unpleasant to make same code again and again but its helpful to add some new programming skills in your knowledge base. It also help you to stay in struggling tech world because each programming skills interrelated. So do not limit your programming knowledge to a specific skill. Here is some top skills that every programmer has to know.
  1. SQL:- Structured Query Language Mostly used for used for querying and editing data from relational database management system. 

  2. Java:- Java programming language developed by Sun's in 1995, most popular programming language easy to code, 'write once and run anywhere', cross plateform, object oriented programming language used by most companies.

  3. HTML:- 

    Hyper Text Mark-up Language fundamental technology of web world used to write web pages. HTML combined with Javascript and CSS(Cascaded Style Sheet) than developer can create impressive web pages and apps with caching features.

  1. JavaScript:- Javascript, like HTML this one also part of web world used by every browser. Its syntax influenced by C and many name conventions copies from Java but both are different. Outside web-pages Javascript used in PDF document, desktop widgets.

  1. C++:- Extension of C programming language called C++, developed by Bjarne Strousup in 1983. Because of addition of object oriented conepts this language has its own important and widely used in programming world.

This are some programming skills that every programmer must know to stay in competitive programming world.

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