Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Last year on 30 November a news went viral about the car crash of US Actor Paul Walker, starred in the series of Fast & Furious action films, died with his friend who was driving a Porsche sport car. Such type of news we hear daily about accident and death because of careless driving. By a survey nearly 3287 people die in road crash a day these numbers may be increased unless action is taken. 

Safety Driving Tips

Driving a car, bike or whatever vehicle requires a proper attention and safety devices help in avoiding an accident. In new year, I think to write about something other than a technology topic, that help people in everyday activity and make their lives accident free.

Everything about accidents and their precautions already shared on the Internet but still nobody cares to study or not have a proper way to find it out. So in this blog I am sharing some Top Blogs/Websites address, which delivers proper driving tips and helps you while driving.

Roadtrip America  

Roadtrip America

This Website gives you proper information about safe driving tips and rules of defensive driving. Read more at

Driving Safety Tips to stay protected on road



For safe driving you need to take special care about everything stay focused, don't use cell phone during driving, slow driving and for more detail read more at

Driving in Snow and ice:

Best advice to drive in winter is not to drive at all or avoid unnecessary driving. Read more at


Safety Tips for Car Drivers

Share the road safely

When you are driving on highway with your family in order to keep your family safe, you should be extra cautious. Drive safer to prevent an accident and minimize injuries.
More about safety tips

How to avoid accidents while driving

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This is one of the easiest way to accomplish tasks. It requires self discipline! Read more at

So these are some links, which definitely help you. Click on links and learn how safely share the road.