Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A Chinese smartphone maker company Goophone, well known for cloning devices from all big and small manufacturers, now cloned Galaxy S5 with the new Goophone S5 just two day-after Samsung Galaxy S5's official announcement.
Goophone S5 Clone of Galaxy S5

Goophone comes up with a number of clones over the past couple of years. It took two days to clone Galaxy S5. The Goophone S5 is already listed on the company's website.  Its feature will be same as Samsung's latest flagship smarphone and the Goophone is not available yet but don't be surprised if comes quicker than the Galaxy S5.

Fun fact: When we talk about specs, Galaxy S5 copied iPhone 5s features, and then Goophone S5 copied Galaxy S5 features. 

Goophone S5

Goophone S5 will be available in black, gold, white and blue color just like Galaxy S5. Price is only $299.99, much less than what you pay for Galaxy S5. Samsung's difficulties growing day by day and now one more competitor came in the market, let's see..Will Samsung Competes With Major Smartphones

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