Friday, 14 February 2014

BlackBerry announced today via tweet that BBM(BlackBerry Messenger) now updated for Android and iPhone with extended features. Earlier, BlackBerry made available BBM for cross platform operating system, and now the company comes up with great new features in BBM 2.0 that Android, iPhone and BlackBerry users can enjoy.

BBM 2.0 with new features available for cross platform

These new features will provide users some more ways to chat and share than ever before on BBM.

New features are highlighted here:

1.BBM Voice:

One of the great feature of BBM 2.0 is BBM Voice for Android and iPhone users, with these feature you can make free calls to BBM contacts anywhere in the world using Wi-Fi.

2.BBM Channels:

BBM users can interact with each other about any topic, they interested in with BBM Channel feature. This feature let you communicate immediately and directly with the people who share common interest in BBM community.

3.Location Sharing Powered By Glympse:

Location sharing is a best option to share your live location for a certain amount of time. You can set time according to your requirement and again hide your location. 

4.Pictures, Voice notes, Attachments and more:

Chat with new features let you share pics, voice notes, calendar event and contacts easily.

5.Dropbox Intregration:

Dropbox built in to BBM and you can send a file from your personal cloud to a BBM contact  directly.

6.New Emoticons:

For fun and showing expression BBM included 100 new emoticons in Chat. 

7.Larger BBM Group:

BBM solved your problem of the small group by exceeding group member up to 50. So that you can communicate with friends, family or team in on action.
According to BlackBerry, check out latest version of BBM for BlackBerry 10(v10.3), iPhone(v2.0) and for Android(v2.0). If having any trouble check out at the new for solutions.