Friday, 16 May 2014

Galaxy Gear - Tizen OS
 Image via Sammobile

Earlier this year, In an event at Barcelona, Samsung announced three new wearable galaxy gear with Tizen - the open-source OS based on Linux, instead of Android for all these upcoming devices. The folks at SamMobile have a video showing off the new OS on three Galaxy Gear Smartwatches.

Check out video, galaxy gear running Tizen OS:

Tizen coming to the Galaxy Gear means it’ll get a bunch of new features and functions.

Tizen OS Overview:

  1. Tizen uses the same button configuration as many Android Samsung phones, with Menu, Home, and Back buttons. Samsung's OS runs really, really well—it seems just as snappy and customizable as Android.
  2. Tizen has an app drawer, home screen pages, a pull-down notification panel, and widgets just like Android.
  3. There are third parties offering Android app support on Tizen, but Samsung wasn't demoing that.
  4. So far, Tizen seems a pretty accurate Android clone, but it's shocking how far along it is.
There's no confirmation on when Samsung is going to start dealing out Tizen upgrades, we'll let you know as soon as any news came out till then stay tuned for more update.

[Via SamMobile]