Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Nokia 105 announced 'Best Entry Level or Feature Phone' at GSMA mobile awards in a ceremony at MWC 2014, Barcelona.

Nokia 105 - Best Featurephone

Nokia's other phones Nokia 208, Nokia 515, Asha 210 and Asha 303 were competitors for the winner device in the 'Best Entry Level or Featurephone' category. Finally, judges announced winner Nokia 105 for its
outstanding value for money and battery life, which is driving penetration into more and more markets

Nokia 105 is a tiny, simple and low-cost phone designed to deliver basic needs what you expect from a phone. There are several reasons that show why Nokia 105 is the best featurephone, let me pick them out:

Size matters:

Tiny and simple Nokia 105
A tiny, light weight phone so anyone can bring it everywhere to and also put it in the pocket unlike other massive and large phones.

Loud ans Clear:

Best thing in Nokia 105 is its loud and clear voice, so you don't have any problem while calling and receiving calls at a noisy place also.

Battery Life:

The Nokia 105 packs a super-efficient battery to give you up to up to 12.5 hours of talk time – and up to a whopping 35 days of standby.

You can do a lot with less:

Calendar, Contacts, Alarms, Speaking Clock, A flashlight and FM radio, all essential things that make life easier.

Snake is still great:

Nokia 105 is loaded up to 5 great games Snake, Cricket, Sudoku and more. Preloaded games may vary from country to country.

I think above reasons are enough to prove why Nokia 105 is best featurephone and just tell me how much phone you have seen, can get for $20 ? 

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