Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Android camera app

Google has finally launched a new refreshed camera app for Android phone and tablets with more features like Lens Blur, Improved Panorama and more. The application is now available in Play Store.

A new mode included in the Camera app is Lens Blur, it lets you take photo and change the point or level of focus after photo is taken. Lens Blur mode uses the concept of SLR cameras unlike the phone camera, to click photo with shallow depth of field and replaces the need of a large optical system.

Google's camera app with Lens Blur
The new camera app included improved panorama and Photo Sphere. With these features, users can capture the full width and detail of the scene in 360 degree, up, down and all around. 50 megapixels!! First time available on non-nexus devices and works on all Android phones and tablets running KitKat 4.4+

So Android users go and grab the camera app from the Play Store.
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