Saturday, 31 May 2014

If you had bought a Galaxy S5 and using it for whole day & night than its battery life isn't sufficient for you. Whenever you decide to go for travel or anywhere else, you have to put a battery charger first in your bag!! right? 

Galaxy S5's new Ultra Power Saving Mode take control of battery life but there still need improvement so here are some tips and tricks how to improve Samsung Galaxy S5 battery life.

1. Control the Screen Brightness: Set the display to auto brightness most of the time, and dial it down lower when you need to.

2. User Power Saving Mode: Set Power Saving Mode to turn on automatically to start saving battery life when it hits 20% left.

3. Ultra Power Saving Mode: Ultra Power Saving Mode turns the display black and white, and limits apps for extreme battery savings.

4. Screen Timeout: Choose a low time to increase Galaxy S5 battery life. Go to Settings -> Display -> Screen timeout and choose 15 seconds to decrease screen time and maximize battery life.

5. Turn Off Bluetooth and NFC: Turn off NFC and Bluetooth if you don’t use them.

6. Control Apps and Backups: See which apps use your Galaxy S5 battery the most and take control.

7. Limit Location Info: Use a less precise location to get better Galaxy S5 battery life.

8. Install Battery Guru: 

Hope above tips would be helpful for Galaxy S5 owners. Applying these tips on your galaxy s5 and get improved battery life.