Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Every beginner wanted to ask a simple question "What is the best way to learn a programming language??". My Answer to all those(beginners) friend is that, everyone has a different learning way, and individual develops an own learning way, so don't give up and start developing your own learning way.

Here I am going to explain you my own learning way, some easy and best tips to learn Java programming for beginners.

1 Online Video Tutorial

You don't need to go to classes and learn, as we could grab information instantly online. First and the best way to learn Java is the online video tutorial that suits best to very very beginner like you!!!

2 Type as You Learn

Don't be over-confident. Once you learn code practice typing code because chances of mistakes are hundred percent.

If you are still not convinced, let me give you an example:
Embarrassingly when I first learn the for() command, I think I would be smart enough to remember what to type inside the (curly brackets) But after awhile, I tried to do a quiz on for  loop, I forget it entirely. Therefore I started to copy codes and now I can remember how to use it: for (int i = 0; i <=10; i++) or to use it in different way : for (int i = 50; i >= 1; i–)

3 Create Your Own Note Reference

You are afraid that you might forget important things to know. Don't worry, write down the key or the most important thing you learnt from each tutorial.

Create notes in your way see below like this:

4 Websites for Practice

Last but not least once you done learning Java, start practicing as we know "Practice makes a man Perfect".

Here is a list of websites for practice:
  1. Programmr
  2. JavaPractices
  3. CodingBat
  4. PSkills
  5. CodeRanch
  6. JavaLobby
  7. 4Test
I hope this four steps would definitely be helpful for any beginner to learn Java.
Good luck.