Sunday, 16 November 2014

There are a ton of resources out there to learn coding, most of which are free!!! So why you enroll in expensive training classes.

Top YouTube Channels for Programmers

Earlier I posted "Best Resources to Learn Programming Online for Free", in addition to that here's list of Top 10 YouTube channels for aspiring programmers:

Code School

Code School’s channel contains recordings of live Q&A sessions with developers, as well as the first level of videos for each of the topics they teach on their website.

Treehouse’s official Youtube channel includes instructional videos, The Treehouse show (round-up of tech news), and interviews with industry experts.



Chris Coyier, the creator of the website CSS-tricks, provides instructional videos focusing on CSS and front-end frameworks.



Interested in learning about more fundamental concepts in computing and programming? This channel has you covered.


This channel provides tutorials in Android, Java, Javascript and Python, and more.

Will Stern walks you through topic in web development, focusing on Javascript, jQuery, and the MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.)



This channel’s playlists walk you through the basic to advanced topics in a variety of programming languages, from Javascript to C.



Andrew Perk’s channel includes introductory tutorials on both Ruby on Rails and PHP.


Adam Khoury

Khoury’s playlists cover HTML, Javascript, PHP and other topics, including useful quizzes in addition to the screencast lessons.


Derek Banas

Banas created an extremely popular “Learn Javascript in 30 Minutes” playlist, along with others for topics like Git, Android, jQuery, and CSS.

Hope this would be helpful for those who willing to learn Programming, so hurry up and subscribe Top 10 Youtube channels to get programming knowledge.