Monday, 6 July 2015

Today, several JavaScript frameworks are available out there that allows one to efficiently develop  remarkable web solutions. However, among the options available, AngularJS is the best choice. AngularJS - a popular JavaScript framework that augments the development of dynamic and powerful web applications.

AngularJS Features:

  • It can ideally support any kind of web app from a simple app to complicated app.
  • The framework basically lets one stretch the HTML vocabulary to support dynamic applications. 
  • AngularJS is highly extensible and thus, you can make it efficiently cater to your project needs and work seamlessly with other libraries.

Further, I have compiled a list of some of the best AngularJS tutorials so that you can easily develop a profilic web application with AngularJS.

Top 5 Tutorials to learn AngularJS:

angular tutorial



angularjs tutorials


AngularJS Tutorial by Jenkov


angularjs web app 


AngularJS Tutorial on Code Academy




There are numerous AngularJS tutorials available on the Internet, these are a few of the best among them.