Saturday, 1 August 2015

My previous post 'Best Sites to Learn How to Code for Free' missing this popular JavaScript framework. So, in the series of learning programming online now it's time to come up with Node.js. In this post, you will see the best resources, tutorials, videos, books, courses and blogs to learn Node.js online.

Best Resources to Learn Node.JS Online

Although a number of Node.js tutorials exist online, most lack the comprehensiveness necessary for learning Node.js properly. Moreover, you can easily spend a frustrating fortnight trying to find and discern the worthwhile tutorials from the fruitless ones.

To learn Node.js, you need 3 pieces.
1. JavaScript the language
2. solid backend fundamentals, because Node.js won't abstract it from you
3. Node.js itself

First off, my recommendations for learning and mastering JavaScript.
- w3schools for all relevant technology
- Professional JavaScript for Web Developers
- JavaScript, the Good Parts
- JavaScript Patterns
- JavaScript Web Applications
- High Performance JavaScript

Secondly, you need to have solid backend fundamentals. That means networking, 3-tier architecture, MVC, databases, and etc.

Lastly, learning Node.js is quite easy.

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