Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Create attractive websites with new framework 'Material Design Lite'

Google launched Material Design back in the year 2014, with the ultimate goal of providing guidelines for designing and creating beautiful UI across different device form factors.  In a bid to make things simpler, Google recently launched Material Design Lite.  It’s a library of front-end components that makes it easy to apply Material Design elements to standard old HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It’s a lightweight implementation of the Material Design with very few dependencies and is easy to install.  Now we understand where the word “Lite” comes from.

According to Google’s blog post “It is framework-agnostic, meaning MDL can be used with any of the rapidly changing landscape of front-end tool chains. MDL has a low overhead in terms of code size (~27KB gzipped), and a narrow focus — enabling material design styling for websites.”

See here for more on MDL: Material Design Lite: A New Framework to Create Material Design Websites